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Our Businesses

GeneTree's focus is to build strongly differentiated healthcare brands offering solutions which are easy-to-use, efficient, and profitable.

The BioPharma Institute offers convenient, efficient, and effective training solutions to professionals working within the pharmaceutical, clinical research, and healthcare industries.


The LabDraw Directory includes healthcare providers locations and allows for patients to rate and comment on their services. LabDraw was founded to assist patients with finding a local and reliable medical laboratory, pharmacy, and/or physician.


The AbuseCheckā„¢ Hair Alcohol and Drug Abuse Tests are commonly used by corporations, parents involved in child custody cases, guardians of teenagers, and legal professionals to prove or disprove a recent (up to 6 months) history of alcohol or drug abuse.


Find a Paternity Test… from a lab, a pharmacy, or a doctor. The American Paternity Association was founded to assists people with finding a convenient paternity test, offered by either a reliable medical laboratory, pharmacy, or doctor.


Whether it be an ecommerce website, managing online activities to maintain a relevant image for a corporation, or launching a product for the retail shelf; SplitTarget can be of great assistance contributing to your success.


The PulseAid Medical Device Directory includes list of CLIA Waived, High, and Moderate Complexity devices for the healthcare industry. PulseAid was founded to assist providers with finding the devices for their unique needs.


Keeping our health care providers accountable, this platform, designed for patients, is used to publish comments and rate experiences after being cared for, with the premise of assisting others with finding the best health care possible.


GeneTree Incorporated has been providing solutions to the healthcare industry since 1997. Our mission is to grow strong brands by focusing on providing excellent service for our customers. Whether they are a business to business or direct to consumer, we focus on our service.

Our History of Success

We have always been driven to succeed and motivated by our clients' desires
Driven to Succeed

GeneTree Inc. first started providing DNA-based testing for genetic diseases, paternity, and ancestry in 1997. The business grew rapidly, reaching a market leader status by 2006.

After selling our DNA testing business to Sorenson Genomics, (which was subsequently sold to Ancestry.com and DNA Diagnostics Center) we invested in our interests as entrepreneurs, and moved forward to launch several new businesses.

The BioPharma Institute was launched in 2006, providing high-quality eLearning solutions to clinical, pharmaceutical, and regulatory industry professionals.

LabDraw came on the scene in 2010, with the focus on better healthcare through empowering the patient. Subsequently, as a result of the success of LabDraw, the American Paternity Association was launched with the premise of empowering those searching for answers to their biological relationships. PulseAid entered our arena in 2011, as there was a recognized need for organizing medical devices into an easy system for healthcare providers to use when searching for a medical device to meet their needs.

AbuseCheck arrived in our portfolio in 2011 as an opportunity from overseas, where FAEE hair alcohol testing had become widely used to determine alcohol abuse.

SpitTarget was the vital source to growing the presence of all our business, online and on paper.

Today, GeneTree Inc. is active in managing its portfolio of businesses. We are always looking for new opportunities to invest in and grow. Please contact us if you have a business or an idea you would like evaluated for our consideration.

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    We put 100% effort into achieving the highest satisfaction from our customers

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    Greater than 75,000 clients have been serviced by GeneTree Inc businesses

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    Nearly 30 million visitors have spent time on at least one of our websites

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    More than 25 brands have benefited from our investment and dedication to succeed

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